Article By H.e. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu Published In Newsweek Entitled “fighting The Enemies Of Democracy With Democracy”

San Hose Büyükelçiliği 08.08.2016

The night of 15 July, a lovely summer time for many, almost evolved into a horrifying nightmare for the Turkish democracy. The treasonous putschists hiding in the military, linked to the Fettullahist Terror organization (fetus) Attempted to overthrow the government Elected democratically Together with the President and the constitutional order in Turkey. In full betrayal to sacred Their uniforms, They massacred the WHO Civilians Against them stood bravely; Their tanks crushed These innocent democracy defenders. The terrorists Attacked the Presidency and bombarded the Turkish Parliament With the MPs inside, along With Their Attempt to assassinate the President. They violently raided the free media Which never Ceased to air calls for defending democracy under Such Circumstances. Yet, thanks to the resolve of the Turkish state acting in unity With its people, the heinous coup was foiled Attempt and the democratic regime of Turkey was saved at the cliff edge.

Turkey, as a founding member of the Council of Europe, bastion of democratic universal values ​​and Norms, Along With human rights and the rule of law, and as a negotiating candidate country for the EU, you thankfully all the assets and maturity to resist Such tragic ordeals. Yes, the Turkish democracy won a battle That Night. Yet, there is Also the war to win to fully finish esta painful episode of our life.

Have We kept telling our friends, partners and allies for long, acerca Fettulah Gülen and his ominous AIMS as Manifested on the 15 July. DESPITE all counter Efforts, His followers over the years Have clandestinely infiltrated into state organs, not to mention Their presence in private industry and media. The foiled terrorist coup has left Attempt, hopefully, no doubt about prep them.

Given the severity of the situation as unfolded on the 15 July, the Turkish state to take required HAD ITS Measures for public order and security. Naturally, This has-been done as prescribed by the constitution and Relevant laws and in full observance of our international Obligations. The purpose of the declaration of the state of emergency is neither to restrict basic rights and freedoms of our Citizens, nor to compromise democracy or the rule of law. It serves to act in the MOST speedy and effective manner in the Fight Against the fetus terrorist organization and return to normalcy as soon as possible.

In full observance of our Obligations, We Also Informed the Council of Europe, That Measures taken in May Involve process esta derogation from the European Convention Obligations under the on Human Rights (ECHR). Derogation is not as some Claimed suspension. Many members of the Council of Europe, Most recently France, have made use of esta Also right as permitted by the ECHR. This provision states to take Allows Necessary Measures without delay for the protection of human rights in cases of emergency threatening the life of the nation.

, Although the state of emergency has-been Declared for a period of 90 days, we aim to end it as soon as the fight Against the fetus terrorist organization is successfully attained.

As evident in our steps Cleary so far, our Measures are not driven by political revanchism but taken in conformity With our constitution and legislation as well as our international Obligations. Naturally, the state of emergency During, legal remedies are available, against These Measures Including the right of single application to the Constitutional Court, not to mention the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

Since the AK party came to power in 2002, Turkish legislation pertaining to democracy, human rights and the rule of law has continued to be aligned Firmly With The Norms and standards of the Council of Europe and the case law of the ECtHR. Several reform packages enacted Have Been In These domains. Upholding the rule of law by Promoting and Protecting Human Rights've Always Been on the top of our political agenda. Turkey's zero tolerance policy Against Torture and ill-treatment has long Been acclaimed as our legislation and regulatory framework in respect esta was Praised as exemplary by international Mechanisms Such Already in 2004.Turkey close ITS Continues Cooperation with all international human rights and is one of Mechanisms Which the rare country clubs issued a standing invitation to the UN human rights bodies to visit Turkey since 2001.

All this foregoing bears testimony to the resolve of the Turkish state to bring esta painful episode to an immediate end through ITS democracy and the rule of law showing due respect to human rights, Contrary to Certain Allegations stemming from the defamation campaign of the fetus followers abroad . Could there be indeed no other option for a democratic country. Since the night of 15 July, the Turkish people coming from all segments of life, Regardless of Whom They support politically, continue to gather in cities' squares to show Their attachment to democracy. The political parties in the Parliament do the same in defending our democratic values ​​and together our constitutional order, the democratic cohabitation Consolidating Against the waves of polarization in political circles. This Gives us hope and confidence further in our fight Against the enemies of our democracy.

The civilized world faces ever-increasing challenges Against STI universal democratic values. Extremism spreads in all violent forms, being The most vicious terrorism. While resolutely fighting the PKK and DAESH, Turkey has now managed to endure Also to terrorist military coup Against ITS democracy. Yet, our fight is being kept strictly in line With democratic rules. THUS, hasty conclusions Should be avoided on our Fight Against fetus. In This context, it is unfortunate Also That the friends of Turkey and Turks living in some European Countries faced serious Difficulties, under pretexts Certain, in holding anti-coup rallies to show support to the Turkish democracy. As Turkey goes through esta period, what we expect from our friends abroad is solidarity and understanding. For This, we keep all channels open Certainly as always for constructive dialogue.


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